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Cindy Schermerhorn

President & CEO
Cindy Schermerhorn

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“What’s different about Pivot? We offer clients exactly what they crave—the advantage of talented senior staff taking an active role on their brands. Our approach is insight-driven and no-nonsense. Clients get actionable and innovative ideas that create successful brands— delivered flawlessly, on time, and in significantly fewer hours.”

Cindy Schermerhorn brings a leadership quality that instills unwavering confidence. Under her stewardship, clients can rest assured they will get an agency partner that drives business and builds brands. Plus, she ensures that sound strategies are brought to life through powerful creative.

Over the years, Cindy has worked with many pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, and Pharmacia, in a wide range of therapeutic areas. She has been responsible for driving millions of dollars in client business by developing client and agency partnerships that are the backbone of the most successful brands. Her management expertise is driven by 27 years of experience on both the client and agency sides.

Clients benefit from Cindy’s ability to secure top talent by fostering an environment where people can really thrive—a culture that inspires entrepreneurial thinking in a rewarding, fun environment. She believes that working hard and enjoying yourself are not mutually exclusive.

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